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Antarctica Asset Management believes that most investment portfolios should include hedge funds as they provide exposure to specific streams of returns that cannot be captured through traditional asset classes. They also reduce the overall impact of traditional risk factors on portfolio performance. This increases the probability of delivering less market dependent and more consistent portfolio returns. Hedge funds offer superior risk adjusted returns and dampen volatility of an overall portfolio over an investment cycle via the creation of alpha and low beta to markets.

Antarctica Alpha Access Portfolio SPC (“AAAP”)

Antarctica Asset Management launched the AAAP to give clients access to a curated offering of single Hedge Funds; traditionally, the industry had only been open to ultra-high net worth individuals and institutional investors. Through the platform, Antarctica Asset Management can pool together the investments of thousands of private individuals, creating a big-enough position to invest in a Hedge Fund. Otherwise, the average private client investment may be too small to enter the asset class. Hedge Funds, as well, are sometimes just closed to new investors, or not available in regulated funds or managed accounts, so they are traditionally not offered directly to private client managers.

The AAAP is not only about access, but also about selection. With approximately 10,000 highly specialised active Hedge Funds, investors find it difficult to choose one. At Antarctica, our management and analysts’ main objective is to scrutinise the Hedge Fund universe in order to select not only the best but also the most sustainable funds. More than recent returns, what we look for is the processes in place to sustain the repeatability of those returns. We read, enquire and travel around the world to offer our clients the best selection. We also make sure we offer a diverse range of investment styles and strategies, including, but not limited to Multi-Strategy, Event Driven, Relative Value, Macro, Emerging Markets, Equity Long/Short, Credit and Distressed. We monitor and review the selected funds on an ongoing basis.

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Antarctica Private

Antarctica Private allows private clients and their wealth advisors to invest in a curated offering of single Private Equity, Venture Capital and Private Credit funds, for a minimum of US$100,000 per fund. These funds are managed by highly regarded managers with strong track records, and selected and monitored by our research team. The strategies usually require substantial minimum investments and are not traditionally directly offered to private client managers. Following the successful model of our Hedge Fund platform, Antarctica Private selects managers and groups them under a platform to give clients access to a diverse range of PE styles and strategies including, but not limited to, large buyout funds, mid-market managers, growth equity and venture capital funds, as well as sector-focused strategies (such as Technology and Healthcare). Through our PE platform, private clients can access one of the most profitable asset classes in the investment world.

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Antarctica Asset Management’s Customised Portfolios

We work with clients to develop and establish their own alternative investment programme – one that meets their portfolio requirements, is clear and transparent and also has a customisable structure.

As a client’s trusted investment advisor or investment manager, Antarctica Asset Management works with the client on select parts of the investment process, as decided by the client, and also offers conflict-free and value-added advice. We also provide regular risk management assessment, reporting and portfolio reviews.

Currently, Antarctica Asset Management manages customised solutions for a select number of clients, ranging from single-managed accounts held directly by the client, to white labelled funds of Hedge Funds.

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Strategies of the Fund of Hedge Funds (FoHF)
All of Antarctica’s portfolios seek absolute returns through strategy-specific or diversified portfolios of Hedge Funds; our strategies have varying degrees of targeted volatility and risk.
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