Strategies of the Fund of Hedge Funds (FoHF)

All of Antarctica’s portfolios seek absolute returns through strategy specific or diversified portfolios of hedge funds with varying degrees of targeted volatility and risk. Antarctica currently runs five Fund of Hedge Funds:

Antarctica Core Alpha Fund

Strategy: Multi-Strategy

Antarctica Core Alpha Fund, ACAF, launched on November 1, 2019 as a British Virgin Islands Business Company. The objective of this Fund of Funds structure is to select managers with exceptional quality, who have a proven track record to perform over time. The portfolio is constructed with relatively low directional exposure in both equities and credit, focusing on alpha opportunities in this part of the cycle.

Antarctica Global Fund

Strategy: Global Diversified

Antarctica Global Fund, AGF, is an AIFMD compliant, Irish open-ended QIF (Qualifying Investor Fund) which was launched on 1st January 2016.   It is a multi-strategy, multi-manager portfolio designed to invest and actively allocate capital to a number of carefully chosen established and proven hedge fund managers.  It provides investors with a unique opportunity to enter the hedge fund space in a diversified fashion, with some of the industry’s most coveted fund managers globally.  Select managers with exceptional quality who have proven track records of performing over time and through economic cycles. The portfolio is built with relatively low directional exposure and will focus on structural inefficiencies in global markets.   Over half of the portfolio at launch is invested in and provides exposure to hedge funds which are capacity constrained or hard closed and difficult for investors to access at this time making it difficult to replicate.

Antarctica Asian Opportunities Fund

Strategy: Pan Asia Diversified

Antarctica Asian Opportunities Fund (“AAOF”) is a multi-strategy, multi-manager fund of hedge funds that focuses on Pan Asia with an emphasis on core markets, including Greater China, Japan and South Korea. The view is that there are rapidly maturing capital markets in Asia, combined with dynamic underlying economies that are providing the opportunities to access both traditional and non-traditional risk factors to generate attractive returns.

Kutter SICAV-SIF, S.C.A.

Strategy: Multi-Strategy

Kutter SICAV-SIF, S.C.A. (“Kutter”) is a Luxembourg umbrella company and, as such, may consist of various segregated Sub-funds. Kutter SICAV-SIF, S.C.A. – Kutter 1 (“Kutter 1”) is a sub-fund of Kutter. Kutter 1 is multimanager, multi-strategy portfolio, which is constructed primarily through investing its assets in a diverse range of collective investment schemes (“Portfolio Funds”). Kutter 1 aims to have low correlation to equity and fixed income markets and a high degree of capital preservation. The portfolio is diversified and is typically made up of 25-30 holdings. Core holdings are comprised of top quality established managers in their respective fields. Kutter 1 applies dynamic asset allocation and systematically incorporates bottom-up manager selection and top-down strategy allocation. The Fund is an alternative investment fund (“AIF”) within the meaning of the AIFMD and the Law of 2013. The AIFM is Antarctica Asset Management (Europe) Limited, authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom (the “UK”) by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK (the “FCA”) as a full scope AIFM pursuant to the AIFM UK Rules. For the purpose of the AIFMD and the Law of 2013, the Fund is an “externally-managed AIF” that has appointed the AIFM as its external alternative investment fund manager